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Welcome to the Hepatitis C Virus Research UK website. This website aims to supply information relating to HCV for patient, nurse and researcher alike. Here, you will find links to each section which will allow you to find out information on aspects of HCV infection, sample collection, storage and anonymous data collection, all projects/research linked to HCV research UK, relevant HCV news, and more.

Contained on this site is information about how to apply for samples for your research project. Click on the bold heading of the desired section below for quick access to that section.

About Us

HCV Research UK is a consortium of leading figures in the UK from the clinical and scientific community with specific interest in hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Its principal objective is to establish a national clinical research database and biobank (a bank of samples) for promoting research studies into HCV infection. Our aim is to create a multidisciplinary infrastructure that links major UK liver centres involved in management of HCV-infected patients to basic science centres of excellence. Within this consortium are also links to the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Health Protection Scotland (HPS), i.e. the national bodies responsible for monitoring HCV infection in the UK.

To achieve these aims, HCV Research UK has been funded by the Medical Research Foundation (MRF) to establish a national cohort of up to 10,000 HCV-infected people recruited from medical centres across the country. This proposed cohort size will support research into a diverse set of questions that are critical for understanding key issues associated with HCV infection such as what factors determine spontaneous clearance of the virus, response to drug therapy, and development of liver disease including cirrhosis and liver cancer.

To support research studies, HCV Research UK has set up a clinical research database that records disease progression and a Biobank that holds samples from each patient recruited into the study.

HCV Research UK Organisation

Information on how the HCV Research UK organisation was formed, including information on the members of the steering committee, can be found in this section.

HCV Infection and Disease

Within this section you will find basic information on Hepatitis C virus infection. It outlines how the virus infects humans and how it causes disease.


We hope that there will be great interest from researchers to use the Sample Request System and we will be publishing results of studies that we are involved with on the website as they become available.

Information for Patients

The information outlined in this section is aimed at patients and aims to supply information on HCV such as Disease, Symptoms, Treatment, Trials, Support Forums, and more. There is also information for patients that participate in any HCV Research UK studies including information on Research, Sample Storage and Privacy.

Information for Researchers

The Biobank contains a Request System that will allow Researchers to apply for samples and connecting data to use in their research projects. You will be able to use a Search System to broaden or narrow your search based on the data that we have available in the database on the samples.

This section will allow researchers to gain information on the process involved when applying for samples and or data from HCV Research UK. Links to Registration and Application for Sample Requests can also be found here.


Up-to-date news regarding HCV Research UK can be found here including the monthly Biobank news letter. Other news will include topics such as drug trial new, and press releases from organisations such as WHO, BBC, Waverly Care, Hepatitis C Trust, Scottish Government, Westminster and more.


Here you will find information on how to contact a member of the Biobank.


There are links here to organisations concerned with aspects of HCV.